Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Purpose of This Blog

I suppose before I start with all of my suggestions for a Vacation Bible School and before I continue this blog-- I should let you know why I started this in the first place.

Because, I remember how it felt that first year Haley and I planned the VBS. I remember all too well that feeling of excitement, but also a subconscious feeling of "oh no, I'm not sure if I'm doing this right." We were, granted, only thirteen years old, but we wanted to plan the VBS right, like we were older and more experienced then we really were. Anyway, we learned through experience. But how many others feel as if they want to do a VBS, but are not sure how?

I've been praying recently about ways that we might be able to expand "Doane" Vacation Bible School. And people I talked to this summer about VBS started saying things like, "That's neat" or "I've always wanted to do something like that." Could there be people who are able and willing to teach God's Word, who love kids, and who want to spread the gospel in their communities but are somewhat intimidated by the task of starting a VBS?

Then, as I mentioned above, I thought of myself several years ago, before we started our own Backyard Bible Club. It was my grandma's idea... I absolutely loved the idea, but if she hadn't suggested it I think I would have been too scared to take the first leap all by myself. I don't think I could have done it without my grandma's excitement, Haley's help, and my parent's encouragement.So these are the things that made me think of others who might want to go in that direction, but are scared to take the first leap. And I want to help others take that first leap.So, I am starting this blog (perhaps soon a website) that will chronicle my adventures as I set out to produce a free, interactive curriculum for VBS teachers soon-to-be, as well as as schedule, a place for comments, a question/answer type section, among other things.

If you have ever seriously looked into starting a Vacation Bible School, then you probably know that even if you don't want over-the-top elaborate, curriculum can be pretty expensive. That's why I will be offering a free curriculum of my own (as I said above) that comes with lessons, skits, game ideas, snack planners, craft planners and instructions, and a mission moment. If you want something a little more elaborate, this blog will hopefully also offer (perhaps not right away, but eventually) suggestions for craft kits that may be purchased, as well as "professional" curriculum reviews.

Finally, If you would be interested in having a VBS this year, NEVER think that you're too young or too inexperienced. Haley and I started off as thirteen-year-old girls who were only helping at a church VBS for the first time that summer. We had never taught Sunday School, nor anything of that nature. I had never really planned anything like that-- I learned completely from experience. So I would urge you to follow this blog as I attempt to put what God has placed on my heart and what He's so graciously taught me these last few years to you. There are some things that you have to learn by experience-- but there are also some things that you can learn through hearing from the experience's of others! Praying that this blog will encourage YOU!

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