Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why Vacation Bible School?

Starting this blog and this endeavor to write my own VBS curriculum is unlike anything I've really tried before... but that being said, I absolutely cannot wait to do it! I thought it would be appropriate to state the reasons why I believe Vacation Bible School is an important outreach for children.

1. Lives are changed. Approximately 1 in 4 adult believers say that they came to faith in Christ during VBS. (I myself have met many a people who have told me that they were saved at VBS!)

2. Children are strengthened. Approximately 7 in 10 protestant teens leave the church when they go to college, etc. I want to start a movement of Christian children who stay at the church because they know what they believe and they truly love God-- not just because their parents go to church, because that reason will not be good enough. I'm not saying that 1 week during the summer will change every child's heart, but the great thing about VBS is that you never know what God will do! Maybe some child(ren)'s heart(s) will be changed. Maybe some child(ren)'s faith will be incredibly strengthened. Maybe God will give you a chance to have good relationships with some amazing children. Whatever it is, if you're serving God, He will bless you.

3. It's just fun. Of course, fun isn't the all-in-all, but I think it's great for children to have fond memories about learning God's Word. I think it's wonderful when children can laugh and be excited about learning what God says about Himself. And I think it's really really wonderful when the leaders/teachers can say all those things too! :)

4. Friendships are made. I've discovered the last few years that a really wonderful way to really get to know people, I mean really get to know them is by teaching or attending a Vacation Bible School with them. I don't know what it is exactly, but something about worshipping God and being super excited because of VBS together just really strengthens friendships!

5. The final, and most significant season I'll state for doing a VBS is for the glory of God. He should be the ultimate reason for everything we do-- and I pray that He can be glorified in everything! As 1 Peter 4:11 says, "If anyone speaks, let it be as the words of God. If anyone ministers, let him do it as of the ability which God gives, so that God may be glorified in all things through Jesus Christ, to whom is the glory, and the might forever and ever. Amen." (MKJV) I want God to be glorified in my life.

I hope I've encouraged you to start a Backyard Bible Club. It really is a huge blessing! I hope to have the curriculum (or at least a sample) within the next two months, but while I'm working on this check back for more posts on suggestions and more!

Grace to you,


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